Charity night, the biggest fundraising for special needs and victims of rape

Below, are some images from a charity night fundraising event that CAD-Aid co-organized with love, joy and pride alongside Clare Crusaders Clinic and So You Think You Can Dance. The goal for this fundraising was to raise funds that can aid in offering more care and Christmas gifts too to victims of rape, victims of all kinds of violence, sexual abuse and children with special needs like autism deaf-mute, blind. For the Fundraising to have been a success, there had to have been a lot of work that went into it, such as awareness campaigns, musical practice, workshops, meetings. My team and I did a magnificent job, that seeing so much joy and smiles on the children who only want to be heard without being judged. It was pretty humbling for each of us. Music and Dance have been noted as a major element that allows benefactors to get out of their element and have fun with the needy and to contribute to the fulfillment of the needs of these kids through fundraising. At the end of the event, CAD-WARRIORS won a trophy for the best dance group chosen by the audience through their beautiful African dance. As a team we are hope to serve more and more people/children in the same way and it is our hope that through this fundraising children will have more love and joy given to them like what we have managed to help them experience through this great event, It warms our hearts knowing that they will receive more care and gifts for Christmas and New Year. For those who would like to support children, CAD-aid will organize a fundraising campaign for the children with special needs and rape victims in Cameroon on December 22 and in South Africa on December 29, 2018. Write to us for more details if you would like to bring a stone to the building while noting that your mere presence and ear to listen saves lives. Thanks to Marcella O Sullivan for the opportunity and great Irish choreography, contemporary dances, gymnastics, salsa and musicals, Many thanks also to #ClareCrusadersClinic for the initiative, thanks to CAD-Warriors who managed to keep up till the very end, thanks to the sponsors and donors the event was beautiful and the goal reached.

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